What is a 174 Year Old Start-Up?

Frederick Mutual Insurance Company decided that opportunities for growth and the introduction of new leadership, products and services, inevitably changes the direction of a company. Frederick Mutual, the 3rd oldest mutual insurer in the state, needed to operate as a start-up business under the leadership of President and CEO, Nancy Newmister. As CEO, Newmister recognized the opportunity to reintroduce Frederick Mutual to the local community. She announced their start-up campaign as a demonstration of her refreshing approach to their business strategy. Newmister stated, “To achieve success in the next 174 years, we must keep pace with the markets and relevant industry trends.” The campaign is focused on paying homage to their rich history, while moving forward with innovative product solutions. The company is set to release their newest Secure Businessowners product this year, along with a digital Portal solution to Agents, making issuing business even easier.