Frederick Mutual, a mutual insurance company, empowers its policyholders through shared ownership.

174 Year-Old Start-Up

How many companies can call themselves a start-up when they have been around for 174 years?

We conducted an analysis into who we are and what we do as a company. We recognized the tremendous opportunity for profitable growth in the states where we are licensed and the agencies with which we are partnered. This changed the direction of our company – that’s why we are a start-up!

Our new leadership team is introducing new products, coverage enhancements, and expanding into new markets in neighboring states.  These approaches will enable our present agents to grow their business and add new agents in our expansion states. Our goal is to continue providing FMIC policyholders the Peace of Mind they deserve.

Our 174 year-old start-up campaign represents our innovative culture and sense of urgency to achieve success!

What we do

We provide Peace of Mind to our policyholders through Independent Agents. We offer comprehensive coverage for small businesses and homeowners in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

How We Deliver

We have a responsive, knowledgeable team of Underwriters, including Executive Underwriters that work directly with our Agents at their offices to bind business faster. We have a dedicated, onsite Claims Department. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Our History

We are the 3rd oldest insurance company in Maryland and the 9th oldest in the United States. Our longevity is attributed to strong financials, derived from safeguarding the interests of our policyholders, and keeping pace with an ever-changing industry.

Early company ledgers recorded increasing values for farmlands and farm equipment as applications for insurance poured in from across Frederick County.  Citizens of Frederick indicated investments in education, agriculture, music, and entrepreneurship by requesting insurance coverage for their libraries, stables, pianos, and one-story office buildings.

The first claim payout was $5.83 for damage to the home of Peter Storm on South Market Street in August 1845. Today, this claim would cost approximately $183.

The largest claim payout in the early years of FMIC  was for the burning of the mill of Theodore Delaplaine on the Monocacy River. The loss was $7000, which equates to over $188,000 in today's dollars.

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