A fire at your home or business is an emotional and financial devastation. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, a fire can become life-threatening in just 2 minutes and an entire residence may be engulfed in flames within 5. In addition, newer homes and the newer materials in carpets, drapery and furniture contain synthetics which burn faster. Read these helpful tips to keep your family and coworkers safe.

Identifying a Problem – If you smell or see smoke, this may signal the start of a fire or one igniting soon!

Important Tips

  • Keep an appropriately rated fire extinguisher in key areas of your home or business (i.e. - kitchen/boiler or furnace room)
  • Make sure your house number or business unit is easily readable from the street for Fire & Rescue staff.
  • Create a fire escape plan with your family and coworkers. This drill should be practiced once a year.
  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors once a year for battery life and proper operation.

The List of Nevers:

  • Never leave a fire in a fireplace or in an outside fire pit unattended!
  • Never leave a burning candle or burner on a stove unattended!
  • Never smoke in bed!
  • Never pour water on a grease fire!
  • Never leave a space or kerosene heater on in an unoccupied home or business!
  • Never store flammable liquids near a heat source!
  • Never allow children to play with matches or lighters!

Prevention – Interior & Exterior

  • Put out cigarette butts completely before properly discarding them.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes in a home or business where an individual is using medical oxygen.
  • Leave at least 3-5 feet of area around a space heater away from curtains, plastics or other flammables.
  • Maintain & clean furnaces, fireplaces and chimneys by hiring qualified and insured contractors.
  • Check fireplace flue for a tight seal when closed.
  • Keep flammable liquids sealed and stored properly in areas like garages or storage sheds.
  • Fix or replace exposed electrical wiring, loose outlet plugs, or frayed extension cords.
  • Install dual smoke/carbon monoxide alarms on all floors of your home or business.

If Your Home or Business Has A Fire

  • Evacuate immediately to an area a safe distance away from the fire. 
  • Call 911!
  • If clothing is on fire – STOP, DROP & ROLL.
  • If a fire starts in a cooking pan, place a lid over the fire and turn off the burner.