A Great Host is a Safe Host During the Big Game

On Sunday, February 4th many sports fans will gather to watch Super Bowl LII. Here are a few quick tips for having fun, while keeping your guests, property and family safe.

  1. Encourage guests to eat plenty of food (this shouldn’t be difficult!) and drink plenty of water to balance alcohol consumption.  Remember to pace yourselves.
  2. Make sure guests have designated drivers, ride-share services or cab company numbers available to get home safely.

  3. If frying foods, keep fryers on level surfaces to avoid oil spilling onto a cooking burner for fire prevention.

  4. Keep a rated fire extinguisher in areas where frying, grilling, and other cooking methods take place.

  5. If hosting guests or sharing your home during the Super Bowl, remember to review your homeowners or renters policy for liability statutes.

Fast Fact:  According to the National Highway Traffic Association, young men aged 21-34 are the core audience for the Super Bowl and more likely to drive intoxicated or not wear a seat belt.