Warm weather has arrived and swimming pools are open.  Make sure to follow proper safety steps for an enjoyable summer pool season.

  1. Swimming pools should be fenced with at least a 4’ fence with a locking gate.
  2. If your house serves as the 4th side of a fence, install door alarms and always use them.
  3. Use pool surface alarms and covers.
  4. If a child is missing – check the pool first!
  5. Learn to swim and teach your children how to swim.  Don’t rely on inflatable “ swim floaties” or “water wings”.
  6. Never leave a child unattended in or near a pool or spa.
  7. Teach children basic water safety tips.
  8. Learn CPR on children and adults.
  9. Keep a telephone close by for emergencies.
  10. Make sure drain covers are in good working order and that children do not play or swim near drains or suction outlets.  Hair, jewelry, and bathing suits can get tangled in drains, arms and legs can be lodged in a suction opening, and any body part that covers a drain can be held down by suction resulting in drowning.
  11. Have life-saving equipment nearby (life rings and reaching poles).
  12. Share safety instructions with family, friends, and neighbors – don’t assume they are aware.