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Identity Theft Costs Money – And Time

When someone uses your personal or financial information to commit fraud or other crimes, you are a victim of identity theft – America’s fastest growing crime. The cost of recovering a stolen identity can reach a thousand dollars or more. Victims report the time and emotional toll are the greatest losses. It is frustrating, confusing and, at times, even frightening. That is particularly true in cases where the thief takes control of your identity and opens one or more fraudulent accounts in your name.

Help On The Road To Recovery

With this optional endorsement added to your homeowners policy, you’ll receive identity theft coverage for identity recovery expenses, as well as identity recovery services for personal help restoring your credit and identity records. Highlights of our Identity Recovery Coverage include:

Identity Recovery Helpline
Identity Recovery Counselors are available at our toll-free helpline to initiate your identity theft claim and get you on the road to identity recovery. A Counselor will answer your questions, recommend important next steps, provide claim forms, and send you an Identity Recovery Customer Guide.

Experienced Case Managers
Verified identity theft claimants who want personal help with the identity recovery process will be assigned an experienced Case Manager. Your Case Manager will help you identify where fraud has occurred, make the right contacts, and speed the often complicated recovery process. If you prefer to manage the process yourself, your Identity Recovery Customer Guide, a step-by-step source complete with pre-written letters to creditors and credit bureaus, will help you every step of the way.

Expense Reimbursement

Identity Theft Coverage reimburses you for up to $25,000 for covered expenses incurred to repair your credit history and identity records in the event of an identity theft. Covered expenses include:

  • Lost wages as a result of time away from work
  • Credit bureau reports
  • Fees for reapplying for loans declined due to falsified credit information
  • Postage, phone and shipping fees
  • Certain legal fees caused by identity theft
  • Notary and filing fees