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As a homeowner, you depend on many types of mechanical and electrical equipment to provide convenience, comfort, and safety within your home.

Yet, these modern-day essentials – such as air conditioners, computers, and household heating systems – are all subject to potential mechanical and electrical breakdown.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over The Unexpected

You are probably aware that most homeowners policies typically exclude these types of losses, putting your important investments at risk. Individual warranty plans are available, but are unreasonably costly, confusing, and burdensome to manage. You need a way to protect both your home and your budget.

Why Worry About The High Cost Of Repair?

Fortunately, there is an affordable alternative from your insurer – homeowners equipment breakdown coverage. This unique product extends coverage to all of your important home systems and personal property due to loss by mechanical or electrical breakdown. The coverage is convenient and seamless – there are no separate warranty programs or fees to manage.