Of the Community, For the Community….

Before there were insurance companies, towns large and small across the U.S. suffered devastating losses to fire, but had limited means to rebuild.  Neighbors quickly realized, coming together to protect each other from fire loss was a necessity for survival and prosperity. This mutual concern and cooperation was the driving force behind mutual insurance companies. With the support of the local community and the enterprising vision of our founders, Mutual Insurance Company of Frederick County began offering insurance protection against fires. The policies demonstrated integrity for the full measure of value at a fair price.

Today, the local community is as necessary to our future success, as it was instrumental to our past. By sharing in the protection and the risk, generations of individuals and businesses found peace of mind insuring their homes and businesses through Frederick Mutual Insurance Company. This is the founding principle of our company – Peace of Mind since 1843. We’re still here for the benefit of the public and are owned by our policyholders.

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