Let Freedom Ring, Not Sting!

Americans spend approximately seven billion dollars annually to celebrate Independence Day, making it one of the largest holiday celebrations in the United States. While many are enjoying time spent with families and friends at cookouts or watching fireworks, homeowners should remain alert when having guests on the 4th of July. Below are some useful tips to keep your family and friends safe while celebrating our great nation:

Supervise Children
A recent Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) study found 7,600 people are injured each year in the month span from June 18th and July 18th, with 2,600 of these injuries resulting from smaller varieties of fireworks such as sparklers, fire crackers and bottle rockets on residential and commercial property. Children under the age of 5 have one of the highest rates of injury at 4.4 per 100,000 individuals. Prevent injury by following the directions on product packaging.

Grill Responsibly
According to the National Fire Protection Association nearly 75% of consumers will be grilling this 4th of July.  Always exercise caution when grilling by having a 4-5ft radius around your grilling area, follow the instructions of use from the manufacturer, and always grill in areas that are uncovered and away from railings or siding. Lastly, keep you grill clean as 1 in 5 grill fires is the result of leftover food particulates and debris.

Do Not Make Your Own Fireworks
Buy professionally made fireworks, as they are tested for safety and meeting consumer product guidelines. Injury and fatalities from direct impact or misfire due to faulty homemade equipment does occur. 

Enforce A Safe Distance
Fireworks should be lit and positioned in a direction that is away from crowds, trees, homes, and businesses. Destruction of residential and commercial property is an unfortunate occurrence when fireworks are not on a safe trajectory. 

Give Fido A Break
Keep dogs and other pets restrained or kept away from large crowds to reduce opportunity for canine or human injury. Some pets become aggravated during firework blasts due to noise and human excitement. Check your homeowner’s policy for any state or carrier-specific breed restrictions.

Supervise Trampoline Usage
The Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure reports roughly 250,000 trampoline injuries require medical attention each year. Over 2/3 of these injuries are in children under the age of 14. Some insurance companies will not provide policy coverage if a trampoline is on the residential property, even with an enclosure.