Labor Day Safety Tips

As Labor Day signifies the enjoyment of the last bits of summer weather before the seasons change, it also tends to have increased travel, crowds, water activities and alcohol consumption. While none of these things are particularly unsafe, it still requires taking safety into consideration when making plans. Below are some helpful tips to enjoy a safe and fun Labor Day weekend:

  • Buckle Up! - Seatbelts save lives. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), Labor Day is one of the highest traffic weekends of the year. NSC estimates several hundred traffic-related fatalities, will send over 40,000 citizens to emergency rooms seeking medical treatment from car accidents.
  • Put the cell phone away! - Technology distractions are preventable and a leading cause of traffic accidents.
  • Share the Road – The holiday weekend may include parades with additional pedestrians, motorcyclist, and bicyclists. Be conscientious of other types of motorists.
  • Slow Down - Allow extra travel time to account for the influx of traffic on main highways.
  • Use Rideshare or Designate Drivers – Even if you don’t drink and drive, there may be others that do. Take precaution to promote safe roadways and remain alert of those around you. Call the police if you notice a vehicle excessively swerving or engaging in unsafe driving practices.
  • Keep Children off Main Roads – While children soak up those last days before going back to school, make sure kids on bicycles wear properly-fitting helmets. And, children should avoid cycling on main roads where possible, especially with the influx of holiday traffic.
  • Use Rest Areas – Never leisurely pull over on the side of the highway. Use rest areas when possible. If you develop a car maintenance issue like a flat tire, pull over as far as possible on a shoulder or roadside, even in grass to avoid being hit. Using flares around a perimeter is advised.